"It Depends" ...on what?

We often hear hoof care professionals answer our questions with, "It depends." What exactly does that mean to you? What are some of the factors that the following questions would "depend" on? Submit your answers in the comments below.
  • How short should the heels be trimmed?
  • How much wall should be left above the sole?
  • How short should the toes be?
  • How much "roll" should be put on a bare hoof?
  • What angles should a horse's feet follow?
  • Where should the widest part of the sole be?

How often is hoof trimming necessary?

How often is hoof trimming necessary? The answer to this question depends on several factors:
  • The health of the hooves
    Healthy hooves can often keep themselves relatively balanced and might only require light trimming every 5-6 weeks. Compromised hooves require a much more frequent schedule.
  • The time of year
    Hooves generally grow faster in the warmer months, so a more frequent schedule may be necessary in Spring, Summer or early Fall.
  • The conformation of the horse
    A horse with conformational defects such as pigeon toes, cow hocks or toed out on front will tend to wear and grow hooves unevenly. Keeping these horses in balance requires frequent trimming in order to avoid injury.
Some horse owners can learn to touch up trims between professional trims, which may allow a more flexible schedule.


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