Trimming at Papa John's Farm

This pony and mini work for a living! Because of this, their hooves and bodies are in great shape.

Another Founder Rehab Video

Founder Rehab

Canker update

I am delighted to inform you that the frog tissue in all four hooves now resembles the texture of normal frogs. It is no longer squishy or smelly. The next goal in line for this horse is better hoof form. He is still severely contracted in his heels, and has been for many years, so it may be a long process rebuilding the internal structures in the back of the foot. However, I expect he will be sound for light riding in the near future. A few days ago when I went by to check on him, he was chasing all three of the other horses around the pasture, whereas not long ago, they were the ones moving him around.

I plan to take photos at his trim on Friday, and will post them soon for comparison.

Hope everyone is geared up for a great 2010!