Keith Seeley Trim Clinic 12/12-13/2009 - Only 3 participant spaces left!

If you are within driving distance of Summerfield, NC, and care about your horse's current and long-term soundness, please consider attending this clinic! More info:

Open for Virtual Business

I wanted to make some of my favorite hoof boots, hoof pads and accessories easily available from a single location, so I have opened an online store. Please check it out and let me know what you think:

Canker update

We applied Easyboot Rx boots on all four of the horse's feet for a whole week, and his hoof was dry and there was no rubbing whatsoever when we removed them yesterday. He has a little carpal varus (bowleg) in his RF, so that boot does tend to turn a little (increasing his chance of rubs), so I am especially impressed that there was no rubbing on that foot. We did liberally coat the inside of each boot with Gold Bond Medicated Powder before application. So far, I'm quite impressed with these boots!

We are using 6# Happy Hoof Pads in his boots this time (all the way around) to stimulate healthy growth and provide him with some comfort and support. His frogs have healed (and expanded) enough now that I can clearly see a featherlike growth (canker) in the central sulcus on 3/4 feet. I think the expansion of his heels is going to be critical in treating the canker. The "canker paste" that I have been using (metronidazole, acetone, and benzoyl perioxide) has really helped cornify the frog tissue and kept him comfortable. I'll get pictures next time and post them to show the progress.