Canker in horse hooves - Update (2 weeks)

September 15th:

September 29th:

In just two weeks, there is a good amount of improvement. The frog has shed twice, but still bleeds easily. The outlook is optimistic.

Founder Trim

An example of a setup trim on a foundered horse is below. At the next trim, the toe will be brought back further, and the heel will be lowered more. Following the trim, the horse was put in Deluxe Equine Slippers with Happy Hoof Pads for comfort and increased perfusion in the feet.

Before trim:

After trim:

Client Spotlight

Here is the lovely "Belle" in her harness and modeling her new Easyboot Gloves. Belle and her owner drove to their trimming appointment today at a neighbor's farm. Isn't she adorable?

Keith Seeley Trim Clinic scheduled for December 12-13, 2009

Download the flier from my website, or visit for more information.

Canker in horse hooves

I have recently started working on a horse with canker. The horse was scheduled to be euthanized the same day I was called to do an evaluation. With the help of a veterinarian, we hope to achieve full recovery. I plan to fully document the horse's treatment and progress. Stay tuned for more information or email me with any comments or questions.

Pianos and hooves

I was recently reading a post on Carolyn Resnick's blog in which she was comparing a horse to a piano:

"A piano is a generic instrument. You can play classical music or jazz on the same piano. The only requirement is that the piano be in tune."

I believe horse hooves are similar. If everything is in balance, you don't need special shoes, pads, or trims to get a horse to give you his best performance. This includes quarter horses, walking horses, and every other breed that many believe need certain types of shoeing to perform.