Why farriers despise wet weather

No, we're really not related to cats... But when wet weather comes along, it can really slow us down. Mud wrecks havoc on our tools, causing rust and premature dulling. Not to mention, if we have several appointments on a rainy day, we get to show up wearing the mud from the previous appointments (unless we are willing to go through a whole load of laundry in one day!).

Another downfall is that it is difficult to get a truly accurate idea of a horse's movement if they are trying to keep themselves upright at a walk (especially in the clay we have around here). Occasionally, there will be a nice wide, long, flat barn aisle or covered arena to work in, but more often than not, we'll end up rescheduling.

Finally, I sympathize with owners who have to hold their horse in cold, wet weather. Because I am working, I don't really feel the cold, but there's a huge difference if you are just standing there.

So, for the last week or so, work has slowed to a crawl. I've had about enough vacation and am now more than eager to get back to work!